A Question About Iddah

I have been separated for ten months before getting khul‘ah. What is the duration of my iddah? Secondly I am a working woman what should be my life style?

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Revoking A Divorce

The daughter in law of a woman demanded khul’ah (talaq) from her husband. The husband obliged by giving her a written divorce. He mentioned three times that he was divorcing her. The document was duly witnessed.

Four days after the divorce the woman wants to come back to her husband. It must be noted that the couple had contracted love marriage and has a son who is now one and a half years old. Please let us know how they can be reunited.

Mohammad Abbas Sajid
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Woman’s Right To Khula (talaaq)

I am a student seeking answers on some questions especially on Islamic law of divorce. I have read opinions of certain scholars who say that khula can only take effect if the husband is willing to release his wife. If what they say is true than what is the use of providing the right of khula to a woman?

After reading the Qur’an 2:229 and the cases of Jamila Binte Abdullah and Habeebah bint Sahil I get an impression that the court after deciding that woman has a genuine case orders her husband to pronounce divorce. The confusion in my mind comes in this case, what if the man even after receiving the verdict from court is adamant on not releasing his wife even though the woman is offering back her mehr. In this case can the verdict be imposed by the court on the man to divorce his wife?
Since divorce in Islamic law comes into effect after man pronounces divorce so can the court compel the man to pronounce divorce in a situation where he is stubborn for not doing so?
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Legality Of Khul’ah Without The Consent Of The Husband

Please send me the authentic procedure of khul‘ah as prescribed in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. A scholar who has studied from Madinah issued a girl khul‘ah letter one-sidedly. This scholar resides in USA and comes from Ghana. He did not contact the husband or his family. The girl told the scholar that her husband is in Pakistan studying. The girl claimed to have contacted her husband before taking khul‘ah from scholar. Is this khul‘ah correct or allowable from Islamic point of view?

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طلاق، خلع اور تفویضِ طلاق

کیا وجہ ہے کہ مرد کو تو آزادانہ طلاق دینے کا حق حاصل ہوتا ہے جبکہ عورت کے لیے اسے نکاح نامے کی ایک شق بنا دیا گیا ہے کہ اگر اس میں یہ حق بیان نہ کیا گیا ہو تو وہ طلاق نہیں لے سکتی؟ کیا یہ کوئی ثقافتی چیز ہے جسے معاشرے نے اپنا لیا ہو یا پھر خلع ہی عورت کے لیے طلاق کا واحد راستہ ہے؟