Reaction To Blasphemous Remarks

One of my acquaintances said something blasphemous regarding Hazrat Izrael (naudubi Allah). He said that while pointing to his parents. He said "there are Izraels (he referred his parents) in our house" (naudubillah). Everyone present there laughed at this and as a human nature a little laughter also came down my face but i immediately stopped when I realized it was not good. I controlled myself. The same happened today someone said something that can be included in kufr and as a human my nafs again pushed me to smile at it but immediately I controlled my smile. What should I do? How do I avoid it? It is obvious that you ultimately laugh being a human. Please guide me. What if a person gets influenced by his nafs in these situations and then controls himself? Does he also fall into kufr like the others?

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‘Kafir’ And ‘Kufr’

I've read your position on the definition of Kufr. Simply put, you state that only those who knowingly reject Allah's message can be considered Kafirs. Since no human can know in an absolute sense whether or not such rejection is truly deliberate and made in full knowledge of it being the truth, we cannot brand anyone as being a Kafir.

This concept is then extrapolated to infer that non-muslims also have an equally good chance of gaining Allah's Pleasure in life to come.

While this concept seems in keeping with my own finite appreciation of the concept of justice, and I am totally certain that Allah would not punish anyone for unknowingly rejecting Islam, I'd like to know to what extent this definition of Kufr and Kafir prevailed in the "Golden Era" of Islam. It is safe to say that the Islamic scholars of that age, living chronologically closer to the Prophet's time and living in a less complicated world would also have come to this conclusion in their understanding of Islam.

Is this apparent from the religious literature that survives from that day? Can you cite a respected Islamic scholar from the generations immediately succeeding the prophet who agrees with this definition of Kufr and Kafir?

I ask because this definition of Kufr will probably not be accepted by the majority of Muslims today. If you could demonstrate that your understanding of what Kufr entails was also shared by the classical Islamic scholars it would go a long way into convincing people that rather then creating an innovative and political correct interpretation of this concept, you are in fact taking them back to an understanding that was distorted over the ages.

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