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Age Of Aishah (rta) At The Time Of Her Marraige

I was listening to an audio lecture by Mr Ghamidi. In the question/answer session someone asked Mr Ghamidi about the age of Sayyida Aisha's at the time of her marriagewith the Prophet (sws). In his response Mr Ghamidi stated that there is a style in the Arabiclanguage according to which when she said 6 or 9 years, the 10 was already implied init. He mentioned that there are some narratives in which the dates oflaylatulqadr are mentioned and similarly, only 6, 7 or 9th day is mentioned eventhough the dates are 25, 27 etc. The 20 was implied.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get references of thosenarratives of laylatalqadr that be mentioned

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