Use of Loudspeakers In Preaching

I have read Islamic books for sometime, and find many doctrines very acceptable. Like all religions, Islam has it's fair share of human distortion to suit themselves. Some practitioners are overzealous and go overboard in their preaching. Practice of religions can be somewhat private. In this regard, I have a very sincere question:

Why have the practice of preaching or teaching the sermon done through loudspeakers and the PA system. I mean the PA System that are turned on loud enough for the community at large. I am sure during the Prophet's (sws) days, there was no technology of this kind. Instead, men had little distraction those days, and thence the power of concentration was good enough to listen to low volume sermon talks.

Please believe that this is sincere and not cynical. I also believe that by using the PA system, some Islam practitioners and non- practitioners may not find this agreeable.

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