The Narrowly Missed Prayer In Menses

If my wife is in menses at the time of Zuhr and at the time of Asr she is clean, must she pray Zuhr as Qadah?

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Menstrual Cycle

If my wife is in menses at the time of Zauhr and at the time of Asr she is clean, must she pray Zauhr as Qada?

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Prayer During Menstruation

Allah Almighty has commanded us to perform salah in all circumstances. One is obliged to pray even one is on the death bed and even one has najasat on and one cannot find water. What about salah for menstruating women? The only thing Allah Almighty says about menstruation is in 2:222 and there too there is no mention of not praying during the cycle.

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Sexual Intimacy Between Husband And Wife

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation viz a viz what is allowed in Islam regarding husband and wife intimacy. Please clarify in the light of Qur’ān and Ḥadīth.

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Divorce During Pregnancy And Baby Shower

My husband divorced me during pregnancy. Is he allowed to do that?

Is it haram to find out the sex of the baby doing an ultrasound?
Is it haram to have a baby shower?
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Applying Hina

It is generally said that a women should not apply hina or hair colour during her menstrual cycle. The reason is that she is impure at that time and as such cannot get pure on getting bath once her cycle is over. These colors go with time and cannot be removed through taking bath. In other way you can say that if she has applied it before her menstrual period then it is ok as she was pure at that time. The same issue will apply when bath is due on her after copulation and she applies hina etc. before the bath at that stage. Kindly advise.

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Sex During Menstrual Cycle

I have learnt that a husband and wife cannot have intercourse while the woman is having her periods. I also have a psychological problem. I usually see blood on a piece of cloth or on an object. I have to throw it away. I always wash my hands rapidly. I am afraid of the sight of blood. Anyway my reason on asking my question today is that about fifteen years ago when my husband and I got married we went on our honeymoon. I think I was in my fifth day of my periods. We had intercourse not knowing that was haram. We never did that ever again because we felt guilty for doing it. But now that I know that was haram it is bothering me so much I cannot even sleep. Can our sin be forgiven by God? Is there expiation that we can do to earn God’s forgiveness?

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Start Of The Menstrual Period

I was at a mosque for intermediate Arabic class and a feminine question came up between us. One of the sisters is from Kazakhstan, a born Muslim; however, due to the Communist rule by once the Communist Russia, she has no knowledge of the Islamic customs, not even of Salah. So we are teaching her how to pray; we were trying to explain to her about when to pray and when one should not pray due to impurities. In other words, we were discussing exactly when a woman would be considered to be in the state of menstruation. Most of the sisters stated they stopped praying if they saw a spot and this was enough to be considered as being in a state of impurity. But with women sometimes this is difficult to determine as, at times, we have spots, but nothing happens. Other times, we know for sure. Should we stop praying when we are experiencing pre-menstrual cramps as a sign of the beginning of our cycles? We all have looked for an answer to this problem but haven’t found anything definite. Could you please help us resolve this matter?

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ایامِ حیض میں نماز كي ممانعت

کیا ایامِ حیض میں خواتین کے لیے نماز پڑ ھنا ممنوع ہے؟ اگر ہے تو پھر قرآن میں اس ممانعت کا ذکر موجود کیوں نہیں ہے؟