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Method Of Divorce

I need to ask a very important question about divorce. After giving myself and my wife adequate time and chances I came to the conclusion that it's not in our social and religious benefit to live together as a husband and wife, so I am planning to divorce and as per best of my knowledge I want to do it according to Islamic law. I know that I can divorce only when she has had period and when she is clean and I don't touch her after the period, but the problem is that my wife didn't have period this month and her doctor says it could be because of pregnancy or other reasons. If there is some other reason for not having period then it must be ok by next month. My question is what if she is pregnant and I still want to divorce her? If she is pregnant there would be two options, abortion or to keep the baby. In either case can you explain what is the Islamic way of divorce? Can we divorce during pregnancy? And if abortion is done do we still need to wait for the next period (menstruation cycle) or we can do it right after abortion? Also add one more thing that if wife is not ready to give right information about her pregnancy or period what should we do in that case?

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