Moderate Islam

I am a Pakistani student currently perusing my Engineering in Italy. During the last decade out nation has been introduced to a new term "Moderate Islam". I want to know if as a Muslim, we are so confident about the brilliance and comprehensive nature of Islam as a religion, why do we have to look for such terms as "moderate" to save our face? Is it because the real "brilliant Islam" never existed in us and we have been following something else. And now that this "something else" is looking bad, we want to amend it thinking that we are amending Islam? If you agree with the idea that we have been following "something else", don't you think we are a nation as lost as other ummahs like Jews and christens. These ummahs got lost because they lost their books, we got lost because we lost the sense to comprehend our book even though the book is still the same. Please note that when I say "WE", I mean in both context the Muslims of INDO-PAK and Muslims in general.

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