Status Of An Unclaimed Item

A month back a friend of mine found some money on a road when he was walking there. He tried to search for the owner of the amount, but all in vain. He took the money with him and continued his search for many days but he failed to find the owner of the money. Now on the behalf of my friend I request you to guide me and my friend in this matter. Can he use that money for his own benefit, if so, how should he use the money so that he would not be committing a sin?

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Limits Of Profit Taking In Business

Is there a limit of profit? Suppose I have a form of unique kind of mango which is the only one kind in the world. Can I sell them at a highest price as I wish or I have any obligations of any percentage of total growing and handling cost as profit? If it has cost me Rs. ten thousand and I wish to sell them on the price of millions or whatever if I get such wealthy buyers? What percentage I can get on the real cost?

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Making Up For A Past Wrong

I have a question. When I was fourteen, my friend and I talked about how to make money. I came with an idea that we should start dealing drugs. He had the money so he financed it. However, we soon smoked it up and I stole the drugs from him. I sold some of it and lost the other half. Again I talked him into buying again and stole it from him again. I wonder should I send him the money back. I have no contact with him now but know where he lives.

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Advising Parents

I have come to know that my parents are involved in harām earnings. I have tried to explain it to them but they didn’t accept my arguments. I am staying away from my parents for my studies. They send me money for my needs. This puts me into dilemma to recognize whether this money is harām or halāl. What they send might partially or fully contain this harām.

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Lending, Riba And Infaq

Does Allah announce a reward in the Qur'an (or through Sunnah) for the people who lend their money to a businessperson who already has an established business and wants to expand further? I mean if I lend money to the poor without any riba or profit over it then understandably there are some heavenly gains for me. But interest-free lending to someone who wants to expand his wealth, which of course is not wrong as per Islamic law, so for this sort of situation what heavenly reward is there for me? Does Qur'an make it a subject anywhere? Or did the Prophet (sws) elaborate it any further?

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Permissibility Of Music

I have following questions to ask.

1) I am quite satisfied with your stance on Music. I had a discussion with some friends of mine, where they were comparing music with alcohol. According to them, music is banned for the same reason that it can lead to some thing worst, and the history tells us that at large music has been used in a wrong way. So what will be your response on this analogy, the result of which is an understanding that music can also be banned as a "saddan li al-zaree’ah" (ban on the ground that a legal thing may lead to some illegal and harmful consequences) order, just like alcohol? And if not then why a small amount of alcohol that does not take away the senses of an individual is forbidden.
2) Can we question religious scholars who have entered into contracts with some TV Channels and receive money for the knowledge they share? Isn’t it clearly taking money for preaching Islam? There a hadith according to which the Prophet (sws) prohibited taking money to teach Qur’an. Kindly explain.
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Status Of The Current Forms Of Islamic Banking

I am not clear about the concept of Islamic banking introduced in Pakistan. From what I have studied, it looks to me that the new system is actually not Islamic. They are just using the Islamic/Arabic terminology to mislead people and have also introduced lengthy paper work to make all the interest bearing products as Islamic products. Our Muftis are helping them against payment of huge stipends. (I may be wrong and want to correct my perception). I am strictly against Riba and when I tell my friends, they ask about the alternatives or solutions. Here, I do not have anything to say to a person who is employed somewhere with limited salary and no spare time to do or participate in any Halal business beside the trust factor in investing as a silent partner. Please help/guide me in answering these three questions according to your understanding of Islam.

1)Is the current Islamic banking and their products Halal and How?
2)Can we recommend some alternative investment plans to small investors which are Riba free and secure?
3)Can you refer a good book / web source / article to learn in detail about this issue under current economic situation?
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Status Of Income From Pensioner’s Benefit Account

I have to ask that is it Halal to open an account and use profits by Pensioner’s Benefit Account (PBA) under National Savings Organization, Ministry of Finance at National Savings Centre (NSCs)?

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خاوند سے پوچھے بغیر خرچ کرنا

خاوند اگر سخت مزاج ، بلکہ بد مزاج ہو تو کیا یہ ٹھیک ہے کہ بیوی اس کی کمائی کو گھریلو اخراجات کے لیے اس سے پوچھے بغیر استعمال کر سکتی ہے؟ یہ عمل چوری کے زمرے میں تو نہیں آجاتا؟


کرنسی میں کاروبار

اگر ہم کوئی غیر ملکی کرنسی لیتے ہیں اور پھر وقت گزرنے کے ساتھ ساتھ اس کی قیمت بڑھ جاتی ہے۔ پھر ہم اسے ملکی کرنسی سے بدل لیتے ہیں اور منافع کماتے ہیں۔ میں یہ جاننا چاہتا ہوں کہ کیا ایسا کرنا اور یہ منافع لینا اسلام کے مطابق جائز ہے؟