Motivation To Learn & Teach

Salam on you. Sir I want to ask about what is the Islamic concept of motivation for teaching/learning?Also, how Islam defines process of teaching and learning?

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Dilemma Of The Muslim Immigrants

I am an immigrant to USA who has settled here for the last thirty years. I have raised my family here. We were not the very strict family, but followed Islam in every way and raised our children, who were also good in understanding and following the religion. Since we were in a small town, the exposure to other good Muslim families was limited. Now that we have a larger Muslim group and have an Islamic Center, things are different. They have studied Islam and the Qur'an and completely understood that this is the right way.

But during this time the children have grown up and have left for colleges, out of town. It is there that we saw problems, and now it seems that the children have abandoned the religion and become openly agnostics. We are very much devastated by it and after trying hard through family, through talks, meetings with the imam, and with Islamic scholars, all attempts have failed. Right now all we have is prayers and hope for the mercy of Allah, that He shall guide these kids back. We have also informed them that the non-Muslim children are not part of the family and will be out of touch and on their own, in addition to disinherit them as well.
Now, we are looking for any help that will provide some guidance for us to redirect these unfortunate kids back to the religion and save them from the fire of Hell.
I am not sure, if this is what is written in the fate, or the effect of this society, pressures from the peers, or what, it may be that we kept them in strict control, and when they got out of the house, it happened. But whatever may be the reason, now we are faced with this situation, and seek help from your esteem resources.
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