Our View On Witr Prayer

I totally disagree with your point of view on witr prayer and I respectfully submit my reservations over it. Indeed it was the first opinion about Witr I ever heard from anybody else. It raises many questions in my mind regarding it and have totally surprised me. I am astonished with your views about the Witr, my queries are as follows:

1. Tahajjud is not a Farz prayer, and there is no compulsion over its offering. We will not be questioned if we skip it, then why you are attaching the farz content with the Non-Farz ṣalāh. Don’t we offer witr if we are in travel?

2. If Witr is part of tahajud then why in Ramadan we offer it after Tarawi?

3. If Witr is part of tahajud then why in all Islamic countries like KSA, Indonesia, Malaysia, it is offered after Isha Prayer?

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فرض ، نفل اور واجب ميں فرق

فرض ، نفل اور واجب ميں فرق مثالوں کي مدد سے واضح کيجيے۔