Choosing Names Of Angels For Children

I was wondering if there is any clear prohibition/direction in Islam regarding giving your children names of angels like Jibrael, Mikael etc. Also, what is Islam's position on angel's gender and if by calling male child Jibrael actually violates the principles of Islam.

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Giving Children French Name

Can we name a Muslim child by name with Islamic spirit but in French language form e.g elsa meaning blessed by Allah?

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Names Of Married Women

In Islam people are named in their father’s name. I have observed that here in Pakistan when a girl is married her name ends with her husband's name, not with her father's name. Take for example a girl named Ayesha Ali as her father’s name is Ali. When the same girl is married to a man named Hussain she will be either called Ayesha Hussain or Mrs. Hussain. Kindly advise the right way of naming a girl after marriage. Also advise that is this right to call a lady like "Mrs. Hussain"?

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Naming Chilrden After The Messengers

I live in Canada and have named my younger son Noah: same as Nuh or Nooh. To me it gives the same meaning regardless. My intention is to name him after the Prophet Noah. Please advise if that is ok to name him in English version as Noah for I live in Canada. When people ask me why I named him Noah and I gladly explain that its the same Prophet Noah that Islam belief in.

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Interpretation Of A Quranic Verse

I have a question in my mind that I have not been able to figure out. A verse of the Holy Quran reads:

Say: "Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman: by whatever name ye call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Neither speak thy Prayer aloud, nor speak it in a low tone, but seek a middle course between." (Al Isra' 17:110)

What is the verse referring to and what is the context? There are various explanations but I would like to get your opinion on this issue.

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Material Carrying Allah’s Name

I found Allah‘s name written in Arabic on a raw eggshell. The eggshell cannot be kept and has to be disposed of. How do you suggest I should deal with the problem? Would it be a sin to dispose it off?

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Names Of God And The Prophet (sws)

Could you please share your understanding of the following:-

In salah we recite thanā (a formula said after the first takbīr). What is its source? Is it a part of the Qur'an or a separate wahi (revelation)?

b. What is the source of the names of Almighty Allah and names of Prophet Muhammad (sws)? Is "Ya Jamilo" the name of Allah?

C. What is the source of six "Kalimas" that are taught to every Muslim. Are they part of wahi?

d. I believe that during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (sws) mosque is not only used for offering ritual prayers but also as a place for conducting state affairs and shelter for the travelers and alike. Could such a practice be implemented today to help our rulers aligned with the truth?
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Can A Woman Change Her Last Name After Marriage?

Is changing the last name (or surname) by a woman after marriage to her husband's last name (or first/surname) unislamic? My wife wants to change her last name to my first name. I have come across few descriptions online where Qur’anic verses have been quoted and such change is deemed 'haram'. One such reference is:

Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is more just with Allaah. (al-Ahzaab 33:5]
Whoever calls himself by other than his father’s name (or attributes himself to someone other than his father), will be cursed by Allah, the angels and all the people. (Reported by Ibn Maajah, 2599;
It should be made clear that my wife\'s current last name is NOT her father's name. Any light on this matter, which is extremely common and not widely discussed, will be highly appreciated.
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