Further On Shia Scholars And Science Of Hadith

Thank you very much for taking out time and helping me with your detailed and satisfactory reply. Thank you very much for assuming my follow-up question and answering that too.

1.Do you mean that those Ahadith that are narrated by Imam Jafar Sadiq are sahih provided they are neither against the Quran nor defaming any of the Companions?

2.How and why Banu-Umayyah stopped people from narrating from Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Baqir? At this time I have a very soft and positive corner for Banu-Umayyah. I am not very much impressed by or attracted towards Banu-Abbas. So, please, help correct my line of reasoning if I am wrong.

3.At the time of the Prophet PBUH, Banu-Hashim was governing all kinds of political issues. How and why they were sidelined and Banu-Umayyah and then Banu-Abbas took the reign?

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Historical Arguments In The Qur’an

Why does the Qur’an reason from the stories of the earlier people? Is there any logic or particular significance in this? Prehistoric fables can't be presented as evidence even today. Why do you call them 'historical arguments'?

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Sunnah: Some Clarifications

On several articles on your website you talk about tawatur with reference to sunnah. You say that collection of hadith is not sunnah. Is not hadith a source of sunnah? How else would we know how much to pay in zakat, how to do salat or do sawm? If you claim that sunnah is passed on generation to generation and preserved, then how come the shias offer salat differently from sunis, how come their fast has different times for breaking and starting than sunni's fast? Where did the change come from? Obviously passing down the sunnah generation to generation has not worked very well, otherwise we would be offering the rituals in the same way. Has Allah promised to preserve the sunnah?

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The Imams And The Ḥadīth Narrators

If there are seven hundred thousand narrators whose life history has been recorded in the books of asma al-rajal through whom we have to glance the very word of Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) than does this not mean that we are accepting, instead of these 12 persons (shi‘ī imams) who are considered infalliable, whole seven hundred thousand persons as infalliale?

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Pleading To Weak Narratives

I believe that the ḥadīths recorded in the Saḥīḥ of Bukhāri and Saḥīḥ of Muslim are conclusive. This means that there is only one possible stance regarding the disputed matters if seen in the light of the sound narratives ascribed to the Prophet (sws). If this is true then why do we plead to weak narratives and support counter opinions on an issue?

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