Reward For Childless Parents

I hope you are doing very well. I have been browsing the internet for information on this matter but, unfortunately, couldn't find any satisfying answer to my question. I have been married for many years now, but, unfortunately we don’t have any kids. We have always heard ayahs and hadith regarding good parenting and rewards for it - including grant of a place in heaven. My question and concern is that if a couple stays childless due to Allah's will, is there any compensation for that hereafter?

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Keeping Blood Ties

My question is regarding Sila Rehmi.

My father divorced my mother 30 years ago and I was only seventeen at the time. I have two brothers and a sister, they were younger thus I had to bring them up. I had managed to bear all the expenses for their necessities and education. My sister got married and I also had my hand in arranging my brothers’ marriages. Their wives have good relations with me and my wife too. Both me and my wife have tried our best to serve my mother after our marriage and remained at their beck and call. Moreover, instead of spending my money on my family I used it to serve my mother and brothers.

Currently, my mother, brothers and my sister are angry with me and my mother is living in the new house my brothers have got. Many people from our family have tried to help but neither of them are reinstating the terms. They are all hard at hearts, especially my mother and sister, and they tell lies against me and my wife in the society and relatives. Should I tell others that they are the people who are lying or should I remain quiet. I long for my mother’s forgiveness even though I am not at fault here, but she does not agree. And in this distressing situation, what should I do?

I had also remained away from my father on the request of my mother but now I have apologized and am at friendly terms with him.

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Identity Of An Adopted Child

I adopted a child of my wife's brother. I came to Saudi Arabia as an employee with my wife and my adopted child. For this purpose I marked the passport of my adopted child on my name. I admitted my adopted child in a school where all documentation completed with my name. In Pakistan I admitted my adopted child in a school with his real father name. I have completed child adoption process legally by family court in Pakistan. I have complete legal documentation but for going to Saudi Arabia they didn't accept. All my relatives know this my son is a adopted. My question is can I live with my adopted child in Saudi Arabia with my name or send him to back to Pakistan with my wife. So please give me complete guidance in the light of the Qura'n and Sunnah.

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Interpretation Of A Narrative

I have heard a narrative from a religious scholar. The wording of the ḥadīth is as follows:

خمس من العبادة: النظر إلى الكعبة، والنظر إلى المصحف، والنظر إلى الوالدين،...والنظر إلى وجه العالم. (رواه دارقطنى)

Five major worships are: looking towards the Ka'bah, looking at the Holy Scriptures, looking at your parents……………..looking at the face of a religious scholar. (Dār Quṭnī)

1.What is the status of Dār Quṭnī in ḥadīth literature?

2.What is the status of this ḥadīth?

3.Please provide full details about this ḥadīth.

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Rights Of Siblings

Duties and rights of a man towards his parents, wife and children are specifically spelled out in the Qur'an, Sunnah and Ahadith. Are there such specific instructions regarding spinster sisters in the absence of parents? The social norms and the call of conscience are well understood and appreciated.

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Advising Parents

I have come to know that my parents are involved in harām earnings. I have tried to explain it to them but they didn’t accept my arguments. I am staying away from my parents for my studies. They send me money for my needs. This puts me into dilemma to recognize whether this money is harām or halāl. What they send might partially or fully contain this harām.

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Parental Demand To Divorce The Wife

A wife is of a pious nature. However, the parents demand from his son to divorce her? Is it necessary to fulfil their demand? Can we also request them not to slander her?

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Fate Of The Prophet’s Parents

A scholar has claimed that the holy Prophet’s parents are in Hell, because they were not Muslims. I need a clarification on the matter. He claimed that the Prophet Mohammad (sws) had once told a Muslim who had non-Muslim parents that his parents were in Hell. He got upset and the prophet clarified that his parents were with the Prophet’s parents, in Hell.

Now, I think that all those who were not introduced to the Holy Prophet should not be in Hell, because they existed before the revelation of Qur’an or the advent of the Prophet (sws). I am sure that the Prophet’s parents followed Abraham’s religion which was also the predecessor of Islam in Arabia. Please, elaborate and comment with reference to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

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Duty To Parents And Family

My parents back in Pakistan, after the marriage of my sisters, are on their own now. I live in America with both my wife and a son. Recently, I have decided to move back to Pakistan to better serve my parents. I also wish to raise my family in a country where I have a sense of religious and cultural belonging. All my Pakistani friends are discouraging me to move, but I have been ignoring them so far. Political situation in Pakistan is going from bad to worse. There is fear in the heart and logical reasoning in the mind. I feel that I am risking the lives of both my wife and my son for the duty towards my parents. Sometimes, I think of moving to a modern Islamic country such as Malaysia and bringing my parents there. But I know that my parents, at this stage of their lives, would not be able to assimilate to the norms of a new country and therefore, would mentally suffer. I am a man of justice. Please help me do justice with both my family and my parents simultaneously. Should I move to Pakistan or help my parents move to Malaysia where I could serve them while providing due care to both my wife and son.

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Regarding Husband’s Acquiesce To The Parents

I am aware of the great importance our religion places on being mindful of our duties towards the parents and that one is discouraged from even saying even ‘uff’ (expression of being disappointed in some burdensome task or painful experience) to them. But could you please let me know as to what is our religion’s stance in the following situation.

I live in a joint family and my mother in law and father in law are extremely unreasonable, interfering and hurtful towards me. My husband is extremely obedient towards his parents and never argues or talks back to his parents always saying that it’s not allowed in our religion. I complain about my in-laws treatment to my husband but he always shrugs it off as my being too sensitive. The siblings of my husband talk back to their parents and so they are cautious in the way they treat them but with my husband since they know that he will never retaliate, they always make him the scapegoat of venting out whatever anger and frustrations they possess. They also mete out a similar treatment to me. What is even more hurting is that they would talk like that to me in front of my husband and still my husband wouldn’t say anything to defend me because of which they have become all the more gutsy. To add to my dilemma when I tell my husband about it in private he denies hearing or seeing the way they behaved with me. I am at a total loss. I tell my husband that the least he can do is talk to them and tell them to behave properly with me but he says that he cannot be rude to his parents. I tell him that he does not need to be rude but explain gently to them but he says he knows his parents and that they wouldn’t understand without becoming emotional and his talking loudly to them. I tell him then he should at least show his disapproval of the way they treat me and should be reserved with them but he does not even do that and keeps behaving normally and very lovingly with them.
Please advise what I should do and what are the rights of wives on the husbands when placed in such a situation by parents. I would also like to mention that my husband doesn’t yet have enough means to keep me separately and so we are staying in the joint family.
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کیا ماں باپ خدا سے افضل ہوتے ہیں؟

میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ کیا ماں باپ خدا سے افضل ہوتے ہیں؟ اسلام کہتا ہے کہ اگر ماں باپ کہیں تو آپ اپنے بیوی بچوں تک کو چھوڑ دو۔ تو کیا نتائج کی پرواہ کیے بغیر ہی والدین کی ہر بات مان لی جائے؟ بعض اوقات والدین کا ہر بات ماننے پر انسان کو نقصان اٹھانا پڑتا ہے تو کیا یہ ضروری ہے کہ انسان اپنے نفع نقصان کو نظر انداز کر کے اپنے والدین کی فرمانبرداری کو ترجیح دے؟


Being with one’s family members in Paradise

I viewed a Q & A session of you in which you were asked if we would be with our same family (Parents, Wife etc) in life after in jannat. You replied that we would wake up with the same mentality/ character as this life and be with the same loved ones. In fact, If one of our relatives (Parents) are at a higher level in Janat, They will call us there too or if we are at a higher level of janat, We will call them there too. So apparently we can grow there. Weather we can or we can not grow, My question is that where did you get this understanding from that we can call our loved ones up the level and what reference of Quran you can quote for the defense.

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