I am a high school senior and Inshallah I shall be looking be forward for majoring in nursing after high school. I was wondering if it is haram for me while working to be touching male patients, which includes washing, bathing and feeding them. I really want to help as much people as I can. I just want to know is it not permitted for I will be working in the USA. I am very confused because some sites tell me it is permitted for emergencies and some say it is not. Thank you and Jazak-Allah khair.

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Marrying A HIV Patient

I have a following two questions which are connected.

1- Is it halal for a Muslim man or women to marry a Muslim man or women with HIV positive? My reason for asking is that the one who is HIV negative is putting his/her into danger of getting that HIV because as per my understanding Islam doesn't encourage to hurt yourself. There can be some Muslim man/women who did something bad and now they have asked Allah for forgiveness.

2- Is it alright to help some HIV positive male/female in finding life partner. I think answer of this will depend on first one. I am talking about those HIV positive who wants to come back in normal life and forget about their mistakes and they have asked Allah for forgiveness.

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Contagious Disease And Safety Of The Family

If one is infected with a contagious disease that doesn't have a cure. Is he allowed to still live with his family or does he have to relocate or something. And his family cannot be aware of his medical situation because he is sure it will cause more problems rather than resolving any.

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Obsessive-compulsive Disorder And Practicing Religion

I am an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) patient. I know that conscience always tells you what is wrong and what is right but for me my conscience always tells me that whatever I do is wrong. This goes deep down in an issue and proves to me that I am wrong or whatever I am doing is a sin and sin of a very bigger nature. I am seeking a psychiatrist but since the disorder is always related to Islamic nature I thought that I should also ask a religious expert that what Islam says in this regard. What to do in order to realize what is actually wrong in Islam and what is not? One thing is that I keep on asking questions of whatever issue I get but the questions never stop in a case of mine.

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Are Those Dying Of Epidemic Shaheed?

My wife died due to CA Ovary. I have read in the Sahih of Bukhari that if a patient dies due to abdomen problem he is "Shaheed". Can you please put some light on this?

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Relaxation In Fasting And The Status Of Halalah

I am diabetic about 60 years of age. I cannot practice fasting. Is it possible that somebody else may fast for me?

In one of addresses by Mr. ghamidi he mentioned that there is no need for Halala in case a person wants to marry a person already divorced, i.e. ex wife. Is it true? In this case what is the significance of Halala? Kindly elaborate

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لاعلاج مریض کی مصنوعی زندگی

کسی مریض کے بارے میں اگر یہ اندازہ ہو جائے کہ اس کا علاج ناممکن ہے ، تو اس صورت میں ہماری شریعت ہمیں کیا رہنمائی دیتی ہے؟ کیا جب تک اس کی طبعی موت واقع نہ ہو، اسے مصنوعی آلات کے ذریعے سے زندہ رکھا جائے یا دواؤں کے ذریعے سے از خود موت کے حوالے کر دیا جائے؟