Polygamy In The Paradise

I am happily married and am living with my wife. We love each other. We strive to fulfill all our religious obligations and pray to God to grant us His mercy and success in the afterlife. One thing that disturbs us is that I do not feel it easy to have more wives in the afterlife. I would rather live with my present wife if God Almighty so willed. I wanted to ask will I have to keep more wives or my desire to live my present wife only will be granted.

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Many Wives In Paradise

I have a question regarding the surah "Smoke". Something disturbed me and I thought I really ought to seek clarification:

Within the last few lines of the surah a reference is made to how those who attain Paradise will be paired off with a "beautiful woman". My husband explains every man is married off to this beautiful woman upon entering Paradise as an "additional reward" - and this woman is in addition to his collecting his "earthly" wife as well, should she also attain Paradise.

This seems a little odd to me. I know we should not question God's Word, and I know feelings such as jealousy and insecurity shouldn't exist in Heaven. However, why is it that a woman would work and focus so hard on attaining Paradise in the afterlife and in addition to the toil and effort of this life, be granted Paradise by God's mercy only then to see her husband paired off with additional women as though he could have fared without his initial wife entirely, forever? I had always thought if both spouses made it to Heaven, then they we there together, just the two, with their family forever. Regardless, I know the Hellfire is no option, no matter what.

Is it blasphemous of me to even question this? I guess I couldn't bear the idea of my husband being with another woman even in Paradise.

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72 Hoors To A Single Believer

What is the concept of 72 hoors (women in heaven/jannah) in Islam? What is your understanding about having sexual relations with those 72 women?

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