Removing Pubic Hair

Is removing pubic hair necessary in Islam?

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Wisdom Behind The Sunnah Of Shaving Off Unwanted Hair

Why do we have to clean hair from under the arms and the pubic area?

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Shaving Or Trimming Chest Hair

I want to know about the chest hairs. Can we trim these hairs like under the arm hairs? Although everyone should adopt the way GOD created us, but apart from showing off fashion, can anyone do this just for his personal deed?

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غیر ضروری بال ریزر سے صاف کرنا

کیا خواتین اپنے غیر ضروری بال ریزر سے صاف کر سکتی ہیں یا شریعت نے کوئی خاص طریقہ متعیّن کیا ہے؟