Shortening The Prayer

I want to know in what conditions are we allowed to shorten the Prayer? For how long are we to offer qasar prayer while on journey? In fact presently we live in a hostel. I am not sure when we should consider stationed ourselves, while at home or in the hostel? Where should we offer the prayer in short form? Usually we go home after a couple of weeks. Please explain.

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Shortening The Prayer While Travelling

I want to clarify my doubts about the qasar Prayer during travel. My questions in this regard follow:

1) If a person travels from Lahore to Gujranwala (Around 63 k.m), will he start to pray qasr Prayer as soon as he embarks on the journey?
2) When a person travels from Bahrain to US, he gains nearly one day due to the time zone difference. In this case should he pray for the day he has gained during travel? The opposite applies to when he travels back, when he looses one day.
3) What if a person travels for Bahrain to UAE and stays there for 15 days and then travels on the 16th day to Doha for 5 days and comes back to UAE for 10 Days again before flying back to Bahrain. Will he pray qasar throughout this trip?
4) If a person leaves Lahore in the morning and travels nearly 200 KM towards Rawalpindi and then returns in the night back to Lahore. During the day will he pray qasr Prayer? I would be extremely grateful if Mr Ghamidi can shed some light on these questions.
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