Forcing Our Children To Islam

All of us try to make our children "Good Muslims". Similarly a Christian tries to make his children "Good Christians", an Atheist tries to make his children "Good Athiests". These efforts make a child biased or at least strongly inclined towards a particular religion. When he grows up, he has a strong set of beliefs and practices and he considers all other religions "wrong". He also has strong relations within his family and friends. All these factors make the religious conversion almost impossible. Only those people convert who revolt from their beliefs and society. That is the reason that entire Da'wah activity of any religion faces a lot of problems.

Can we say that this effort is a good ethical practice? If it is a good practice, it means that it is good for Muslims and Non-Muslims and Allah will not punish Non-Muslims for it because they were made biased by their parents and society. If it is a bad practice, it will be bad for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. In this case, as ethical human beings, we should stop this practice. We should teach our children only the agreed-upon ethics to make them good human beings. At their age of maturity, they should be allowed to evaluate different religions in an unbiased manner and adopt whatever they find the best.
Another aspect of this issue is that according to Quran "there is no compulsion in religion". Is this activity of making our children "Good Muslims" a type of compulsion because it creates a bias in their mind. What are teachings of Quran and Sunnah about this practice?
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