Political Insight Of Women In Early Islam

In your response to the question entitled Women's Role in Political Affairs in Early Islam you have conclude that the women at "the time of the Holy Prophet (sws) were not politically aware." If Hazrat Ayesha (rta) could travel to fight a war to make sure that the assassins of Hazrat Usman (rta) were punished she must had played a role earlier when opposition between caliphate and Alids surfaced. Why is that not a possibility?

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Women’s Role In Political Affairs In Early Islam

During the selection of the Rashidoon Caliphs, were the wives of the Prophet (sws) consulted or not? If not, than why women demand the right to vote in an Islamic country?

There is a verse in the Qur'an regarding the Companions of the prophet (sws) that reads: "they are gentle amongst themselves but harsh towards the enemies". But the history says that the Companions have been fighting amongst themselves i.e. Hazrat Ali (rta) and Hazrat Mu'awiya (rta). Since the Qur'an can never be wrong there must be a problem with the history.
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