Salutation To The Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Recently a question has arisen on media about a book where PBUH was not written with the Prophet's name. My question is whether it is obligatory to write PBUH or SAW when writing a book or an academic paper. I have tried to search for this on internet but I have not found any reasonable resource. Kindly guide me on this with references. Also guide me about the early scholars as what they used to do when writing Prophet's name.

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Does The Prophet Listen To Us?

Allah Almighty says to the Prophet (sws) that he will also leave this world as the previous prophets did. A ḥadīth is very commonly known that Prophet said a Muslim must visit his grave to say asslamaulaikum when he comes for Haj or umrah. If this narrative is authentic, then don't you think it is in contradiction of the verse I have referred to above?

Secondly a firqah amongst Muslim strongly believes in intercession through awliya Allah who are dead and probably their argument is based on what I have written above. I may clarify here that I am not interested in going into any sort of argument with believers in intercession, just want to know the truth:
(1) saying assalamu alaikum to the Prophet (sws) which he listens and

(2) on what basis we can connect the similar listening of assalamu alaikum by awliya Allah?

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Can Dead Sufi Saints Hear The Calls Of The Living Devotees?

assalaam o alaykum

My question is that the Sufis claim that they have miracles and they are allowed to hear people after their death. Some people say that even Prophet Muhammad (sws) can hear us. So my question is that does Allāh treat Prophet and Sufis at the same level? What Allāh has allowed for Prophet Muhammad (sws) to do, is that allowed for the Sufis or the pious?

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