Saving For The Hard Times

Am I allowed to save some for rainy days which is excess to my needs in Islam, and if not what is provision of 2.50 per cent of zakah. It may also be explained that how can a society be developed equally by the ratio of 97.50 percent and 2.50 percent. I am a Muslim but very confused.

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Fixed Deposit And National Saving Schemes

Is it allowable to:

  1. keep money as a fix deposit for five years in the bank and received a specific percentage on that amount and
  2. keep the amount in Pakistan government policy Qawmy Bachat Scheme?
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Islamic Banks In Pakistan

There are about six Islamic banks working in Pakistan. Some are Pakistani and rest are of different Islamic countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi etc. they tell that their business is looking after by a board of ulema and their business is all Islamic. They announce their profit every month.I want to ask whether it is allowed making investments in fixed accounts of these banks.

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Status Of Income From Pensioner’s Benefit Account

I have to ask that is it Halal to open an account and use profits by Pensioner’s Benefit Account (PBA) under National Savings Organization, Ministry of Finance at National Savings Centre (NSCs)?

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