Sex Education

What does Islam say about sex education? Is it allowable? If yes what is the guideline regarding it.

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Homosexual Orientation

I am a homosexual. I never committed fornication but have talked ludity to a person of same sex in disguise. Now I am very much sorry about my mistake and I have done sincere repentance. I have taken oath to never commit something like that. However it is a fact that I have been attached to person with whom I talked fawaahish in disguise. I can't leave her. She too loves to talk about these things to me. I want to make myself and her a better human. We hve started offering prayers and reading the Qur’an together. We have also started offering tahajjud and other good things too. Can we be forgiven? Can I be with her without committing any adultery or without getting into any attraction? Will I be forgiven by Allah?

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سکول کے بچوں کو جنسی تعلیم

ہائی سکول کے بچوں کو سیکس کی تعلیم دینے سے متعلق آپ کی کیا رائے ہے؟ اسلامی شریعت اس کے بارے میں کیا کہتی ہے؟