Sexual Relations With Minor Girls

Through various sources, I have deduced that sexual relations with very young girls is permitted in Islam. What I don't understand is that, this poses health risks to the woman as well as ethical concerns on whether or not it is acceptable for the girl. I realize that it is 'preferred' to consummate a marriage after the woman reaches puberty, but I have found no evidence forcing one to do so. Is there any known reason as to why young girls are not protected in this regard by Islam? It seems very contradicting to the religion. I realize that in the past, the age of consent was low and that older men were usually married to younger women, however, when it poses a health risk and such a blaring ethical concern, why is there no governing law against it in Islam?

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Taking Bath After Sexual Intimacy

Does a simply washing the body purify an individual who has to obtain purification after having sex or one has to follow a set of rules govering the ritual bath?

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Sexual Intimacy Prior To Rukhsati

Please allow me to say that your website has been very helpful to me as there are a lot of things regarding Islam that I don’t know. I am facing a serious problem and am sure you can shed some light on the matter according to Islamic principles. I have had my nikah. Due to some financial reasons my ‘rukhsati’ (shifting to my husband’s house) cannot take place till the end of next year. My husband wants to have a marital relationship with me now. At first, I refused but then he got very angry at me and said that we are after all married according to the command of Allah and not committing a sin so I obliged him knowing that Allah had told wives to obey their husbands. We did not have sex and I am still a virgin but to an extent we did things that only married people would do. Someone told me that it was illegal to indulge in such an act prior to shifting to the house of the husband. If I do not oblige my husband, he gets offended and I have the threat that he will go to some other woman. So please tell me if it is wrong or not? I intend to be a virgin till I shift with him. If it is wrong, then what should I do about my husband’s anger because he insists?

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Consummation Of Marriage Before Payment Of Mahr

Can a man have sexual relationship with his wife without paying mahr? What is mahr-i-mu’ajjal and ghayr muajjal? I have recently entered into nikāḥ with a girl but she has not moved with me: rukhsati has not yet been done. I want to talk to her freely and discuss with her every matter of life but I am not sure I should do so because I have not paid her mahr completely. About one fourth has been paid as jewellery on the day nikāḥ was contracted and the rest is payable. Kindly tell me what is mu’ajjal and ghayr muajjal mahr? And can I talk to her freely? Can I have sexual relationship with her?

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نکاح کی حیثیت

میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ نکاح کی کیا حیثیت ہے؟ کیا اگر نکاح ہوا ہو اور رخصتی نہ ہوئی ہو تو جنسی تعلق قائم کیا جا سکتا ہے یا نہیں؟ اور نکاح کے بعد کیا میاں بیوی کےتمام حقوق لاگو ہو جاتے ہیں؟ برائے مہربانی وضاحت فرمائیں۔