Profession Of Faith

What is meant by shahadah (witness) especially in the context of Muslim declarartion of faith. This is usually translated as follows: I bear witness that no-one is worthy of worship but Allah, the One alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (pbuh) is His servant and Messenger.

I want to understand how a person who has never met Muhammad (pbuh) in person can be a witness to him and his teachings we received through several dozens of generations?

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Meaning Of The Term Shahid

What does the term shahid in Islamic literature truly represent? Are all those die in the holy wars and the innocent people killed in some accidents or are murdered Shahid? I am really confused. Please enlighten me on this issue and also explain what happens to a shahid after his or her death.

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Question Of Jihad With Muslims

If a Muslim state attacks another Muslim state then defending the country obviously is Jihad for the Muslims of invaded country. In such a situation, what should be the stance of the Muslim soldiers of the invading army? What are they supposed to do if they find before them their Muslim brethren?

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