Shiaism And Sunnism

I would like what are the commonalities between Shiaism and sunnism. The best it can be said is Shias are 'Muhids" but not Muslims. If we wish to increase the number of Muslims the it is a political issue and not religious one?

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About Shia Conduct

I am suuni Muslim but have lots of syed shia friends. I have noticed the shia scholars curse and taunt sunnis and their beliefs for one hour and in the end of ten minutes of mujlis they weep over hussain’s (rta) shahadat. I want to ask what is the problem with shia scholars why they provoke shia Muslims to hate sunnis as we all know they do this very systematically. It is on there agenda to build a wall between sunnis and shias. We sunnis do listen to shias but shias do not listen to us at all. They fight and get worst. Why no one stop these so called shia scholars? Why they do this? What is the purpose behind it?

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Offering Prayer According To The Shi’i Fiqh

I would to know if it is possible for me to pray like my would be husband who follows another religious denomination. We are trying to find a way to practise our religion in the same way, especially for our future children. Our main differences in praying are:

he doesn’t put his arms on his chest,
he doesn’t raise his finger while in "tashahhud" sitting and
he doesn’t say "amen" after al-fatihah.

In the shia beleif, doing these three things is not permitted. This would invalidate their prayer. Thus, my question is: As a sunni, is it permissible to me not to do them?

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Coexistence Of The Muslim Sects

I wonder how would Sunnis and Shia's get along in an Islamic government, especially when comes to selecting a leader? I am sure that there is no clear answer but I would like to read your insight on the matter. What do you think will ultimately happen? Will one side concede to the other or will they learn to live in peace? Might they end up fighting to the death? How serious is this issue? I am not all together clear on the matter.

I would also like to ask about the Islamic sharia and whether or not an Islamic Government could function in a country of non-Muslims?
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Imam Zain Al-Abideen

Some people claim that Imam Zain al-Abideen has been weeping (blood from eyes) for forty years. I wanted to learn whether it is correct.

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Difference Between The Shi’is And Sunnis

What is the original dogmatic fault Shi'is? What are the differences between the Shi'is and Sunnis?

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Slah Of The Shi’is

I have been researching all the differences between sunnis and shiites. Can you tell me how different are there ways of praying? Why do certain people view their kalima to be wrong considering a small addition at the end? I want my concepts to be clear as the masses view shiites as non-Muslims. Is there any relevant proof in document (a fatwa) that says otherwise about the shia school of thought is right in their own regard.

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Difference Between Shiites And Sunnis

I am trying to determine all the differences between sunnis and shiites. Can you tell me how different are their ways of praying? Why do certain people view as their kalima to be wrong as there is a small addition at the end of the shii version? I want my concepts to be clear as the masses view shiites as non-Muslims in many regards. Is there any relevant proof in document (a fatwa) that says that the shii school of thought is right?

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Marrying A Shi’i Woman

I am a sunni (hanafi) by default and not by choice or rationale. I have developed a liking for my cousin. She is shi’i. Before pursuing any formal legitimate relationship I researched the differences between the two denominations in detail. I concluded that the shi‘i and the sunni share the same basis of belief. It is only that some ahadith we accept and they reject. Contrarily, some other hadiths they accept which we reject. These differences have nothing to do with the religion itself. I seek your advice on that whether I should refrain pursuing my choice in front of my parents or take stand and try to convince them to help me. This may however, result in confrontation with my parents.

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Matamdari And Azadari

What is origin of matam and azadari. What is origin of majlis? Do matam and majlis enjoy any religious basis or these are only cultural activities? Is it fair enough to term both matam and majlis into haram and halal category or one should not bother about this issue. In a relationship like marriage between sunni and shia one should make these things banned to other spouse or to stop him or her for doing this? Please guide.

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Shia Scholars And Science Of Hadith

1. What is the status of Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Musa Kazim as a Muhaddis / Narrator?

2. What is the status of Ahadith that are ascribed by Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Musa Kazim to the Prophet PBUH and to the Syedna Ali RA?

3. Did they proclaim themselves as Shia or they were wrongly associated with Shiaism by the followers?

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Following Shi’i Fiqh

I wanted to learn the meaning of the expression ‘ul al-‘amr (those vested with authority) in Q 4:59. The verse says:

O you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger and ‘ul al-‘amr minkum.
TheShi’is take it as a basis for their concept of imamat? Secondly would you kindly tell me if I can follow fiqh-e Ja‘friyah if it appeals me? What about the small differences for example in method of wudu and placement of hands in the Prayer?
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صحابہ كا مقام

غامدی صاحب فرماتے ہيں كہ دين كی كامل وضاحت صرف رسول صلی الله عليہ و سلم اور ان كے صحابہ كرام ہی كر سكتے ہيں۔ ان كے بعد كوئی يہ كام نہيں كر سكتا۔ نتيجة كوئی مسلمان كسی كو بھی كافر قرار نہيں دے سكتا۔ ميرا سوال يہ ہے كہ اگر صحابہ كا مقام يہی ہےتو جو لوگ ان كو گالياں ديتے اور برا بھلا كہتے ہيں ان كے بارے ميں آپ كی كيا رائے ہے؟