How To Approach Allah Almighty

I saw a verse inscribed on a wall of a Pakistani Muslim boutique that says like this: "Allah allah karne se na milay allah, Allah walon se milne se miljaye allah (You can reach God by calling Him. The only way to access Him is to join the company of His friends)." I don't remember the exact sentence but it was like this, my question is-is this shirk (polytheism) or just a sufi prose?

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Why Is “Shirk” Unforgiveable?

I have following questions:

1 - Why is "shirk" been declared as a sin which will not be forgiven in any case. A Buddhist friend of mine says that isn’t God very selfish while declaring this? Kindly, respond and also tell the effect of "shirk" on worldly life?
2 - My second question is regarding the act of zina. A person who is committing zina or (in second case) going near zina, answerable to God only or the society as well? Can some body say, to the person who is committing zina or going near, that you are answerable to us as well?

3- Thirdly, if one comes to know that an individual near him or in his community is doing something wrong, what should be the right approach towards his correction?

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Can a Muslim eat Prasaad?

Is it permissible to have the eatables our non Muslim friends give as a religious offering (e.g. prasaad in case of Hindus)?

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Contradiction in the Qur’an? 4:48 vs 4:153

Hi i am a muslim and i find confusion and contradiction between verse 4:48 and 4:153. In verse 4:48 the meanings are" Allah will not forgive those who considers partners with Allah". It's about polytheists. And Verse 4:153 says " we forgave the people the disbelievers in the era of Moses."

So why Allah treats people differently even though they fell in the same category. Please answer.

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