Waseelah And Saints

A lot of people say that these ulema, peers or anyone capable of guiding us spiritually, are 'waseelas, God's resources. We can seek Allah's help through them. For instance, a lot of people pray, “O Allah grant us this and that favour through the waseelah of Bibi Fatima.” Do u think that is right? I mean, there is no doubt as to the stature of Hazrat Fatima in Islam. But is it not wrong to involve a third party, no matter how religiously sound it is, in between oneself and God? Isn't the interaction with Allah a one-to-one business?

Secondly, there is a prevalent trend of reverence to saints and sufis in our country. Like us, they were mortals, praising and worshiping the same Divine Being. Do you not think it as shirk to worship them, instead of Allah? Isn’t the current trend of 'mannat' and all, it not synonymous with idolising someone other than Allah? The respect can be restricted to praising them and their efforts for upholding Islam through difficult times, but aren't they nothing but perishable human beings like us? Please shed some light.

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Sufi Practices

What is the status of the practice of celebratings urs of the dead sufi saints? Was this practice conventional during the lifetime of the Prophet (sws)? What did the Prophet (sws) use to do when he visted graves? Did the Khulafa-e Rashideen celebrate any urs for the Prophet (sws) after his passing away?

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دربار اور مزارات

داتا دربار، شمس تبریز کا مزار اور دولہے شاہ کا مزار جیسی جگہیں اسلامی ثقافت کا حصہ ہیں۔ کیا انہیں لوگوں میں پروموٹ کرنا چاہیے یا انہیں منہدم کر دینا چاہیے ؟