Taqleed And The Muslim Jurists

An argument proposed by the proponents of following the imāms is that they (the imams) took all of that (the religious knowledge) from the students of the companions (tabi’in) who received their instruction from the companions themselves, who received their instructions from the Lawgiver himself, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, divinely protected from every mistake, who bore witness that the first three generations of Muslims would be ones of virtue and righteousness. Also, these Imams were from the best of the generations and thus are considered by the consensus to have reached human perfection. So, how can one say that following any one of these imams is not the right way?

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Following Personal Understanding Of Religious Directives

Whenever I ask the ulema any religious questions they start explaining the answers in the light of fiqh books. They seem to be teaching fiqhs not the deen. Is fiqh that important that nowadays it is considered that important. The last line of defence they use is that you have to follow one fiqh. You can’t mix it. I don’t believe that I am going to take everything which is easy in any fiqh. Is that understanding right or not as “Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said keep the deen simple. Is my understanding correct?

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Schools Of Thought

I wanted to know your views on different (legal) schools of through. Which school of Islam is on right path?

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Importance Of Taqleed

1. Some scholars say that taqleed is very important because the Holy Qur’an says: “If you don’t know ask the people of knowledge.” Can you cite the reference and its implication?

2. What is the exact definition of sahih hadith? Do only Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari qualify to be called sahih? Are there any other books of hadith which are also called sahih?

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Obligation To Obey The Holy Prophet (sws)

Is it obligatory for the Muslims to imitate and follow each and every action of the Holy Prophet (sws)?

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Arguments For Taqlid (conformism)

What are the arguments of those who think that one must blindly follow a jurist? What are your rebuttals to these arguments?

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Is it necessery to fallow one imam or one muslak? Are we rewarded just for reciting the Holy Qur’an?

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ايک امام كی پيروی

١۔ کیا اسلام میں کسی ایک امام (امام احمد بن حنبل بخاری) کا پیرو کار ہونا ضروری ہے؟ میرے والد صاحب کا کہنا ہے کہ کسی ایک فرقے یا امام کو ماننا غلط ہے۔ ہم صرف مسلمان ہیں۔ صحیح بات جہاں سے ملے اسے لے لو بیشک وہ قرآن سے ملے یا بائیبل سے۔ لیکن میرے سکول کے ہم جماعت کہتے ہیں کہ مسلمان ہونے کے لیے کسی امام کا پیروکار ہونا لازم ہے۔