Status Of The Tarawih Prayer

I have some questions regarding the Tarawih prayer that is offered during Ramadan. Did the Prophet Muhammad (sws) offer Tarawih prayer throughout Ramadan? Did he mention any specific reward for it? I read somewhere that the Holy Prophet (sws) did not offer the Tarawih prayer every day because he did not want people to think that it was an obligatory act. If this is true, what was the maximum number of days Muhammad (sws) prayed the Tarawih. Can I still go on praying the Tarawih for thirty days bearing in mind that it is a voluntary act for myself? Also please tell me what number of Rak‘at one should offer.

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نمازِ تراویح اور خواتین

کیا عورتوں کو بھی تراویح کی نماز پڑ ھنی چاہیے ؟اگر پڑ ھنی چاہیے تو وہ کتنی رکعتیں پڑ ھیں؟