Regarding The ‘Sins’ Of Mohammad (sws)

I have always read that all the prophets of Allah are perfect people who do not sin. While I do not believe in the Torah version of events, I thought, all prophets were people who must have committed mistakes and misjudgments (political, religious or social) here and there, which God corrected immediately and forgave them for.

Now, I searched the quran for sins of the perfection or humanness of our beloved Mohammad SWS and found the following verses which not only testify that he might have committed errors in political or social decisions but sins. a sin "zanb" is much graver than a mistake and I believe it relates to breaking a religious law.
God confirms he has forgiven Mohammad SWS all his sins the past and the future but it still remains that unlike what many Moslems claim, the quran's ayas are evidence that our prophet was not a perfect human being and he committed sins.
So be patient (O Muhammad SAW). Verily, the Promise of Allah is true, and ask forgiveness for your fault, and glorify the praises of your Lord in the Ashi (i.e. the time period after the midnoon till sunset) and in the Ibkar (i.e. the time period from early morning or sunrise till before midnoon) [it is said that, that means the five compulsory congregational Salat (prayers) or the 'Asr and Fajr prayers].
So know (O Muhammad SAW) that La ilaha ill-Allah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and ask forgiveness for your sin, and also for (the sin of) believing men and believing women. And Allah knows well your moving about, and your place of rest (in your homes).
That Allah may forgive you your sins of the past and the future and complete his favour on you and guide you on the straight path.

What do you think, and if I a completely wrong in my conclusion then how would I make sense of the quranic ayas?

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