Reading Qur’an Translations

I have not completed the Quran yet.I feel difficulty in reading quran in Arabic. Can I read Quran in any other lanugage because in that way i can understand its meaning? Kindly guide me

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Is The Qur’an Easy To Understand

I have heard from scholars that Quran is easy to comprehend while many scholars say that it is not easy to comprehend the Quran. I would like to know your opinion whether the Quran is easy to understand or not. The verses in Surah Al-Qamar repeatedly says that Quran is easy to understand but we find some scholars who say that it is difficult to understand the Quran? I personally observed some laymen who understood the meanings of the Quran very well just with the translation while others find it hard to grasp. What is your opinion and observation?

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Documenting One’s Religious Views

I study the Qur’an with urdu translation becuse I don’t know Arabic. Many ideas come through my thinking and I want to write on these. I fear that my thinking may be wrong. I quot an example. Allah Almighty says you should prefer for others what you prefer for yourself. It is bright idea for life of humanbeings in all aspect. I can elaborate upon it in my writings. I wanted to ask should I commit my thoughts to writing?

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Tafseer And Tashreeh

What does tafseer mean and how it is different from Tashree’? What does it mean when we interpret an ayah according to shaan-e nazool (occasion of revelation)? Is all interpretation made this way? In English law power to interpret laws is with superior judiciary. Where does this power lie in Islamic system, qazi or jurist?

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What is “ism” in Surah 7:33?


In the translation of the Ayah 33 of Surah 7, where Allah (SWT) mentions the things which are absolutely Haram, Mr. Ghamidi translates the Arabic word
"ism" as "Haq Talfee" (usurping of rights). Most other translators translate it as "sin", such as Maududi, Muhammad Junagarih, and even Sahih International to name a few. Could you please elaborate the basis of why Mr. Ghamidi translates "ism" as infringement of rights, and not sin as other scholars have done so?

Best regards.

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