Was Mary A Prophetess?

We are told that angels are sent in the shape of human being. It is also stated that these means are only ways of communication between Almighty Allah and His Prophets. We also learn that Mary was also communicated some messages from God in these ways. Does that mean that she is also a Prophet of God?

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حضرت مريم عليہ السلام کي الوہيت

آيت "ءانت قلت للناس اتخذوني و امي الهين من دون الله " (المائدہ5: 116) سے بظاہر معلوم ہوتا ہے کہ مسيحيوں نے حضرت مريم کو الہ بنايا۔ ہم ديکھتے کہ مسيحيوں نے عقيدۂ تثليث ميں حضرت مريم کو شامل نہيں کيا۔ آيت کاصحيح مفہوم کيا ہے؟