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Purifying Utensils

I have a question regarding purifying things, making them 'paak (ritually purified)'. I have shifted to a flat in UK. I have got few things left by the previous occupier. My auntie told me if I take garden soil and make the kitchen sink and dishes/plates, glassed, etc. clean with it, then I can use them. She said I would have to make the soil wet, cover the sink and dishes with it, let it dry and wash it with clean water. She asked me to repeat it 3 times, at least. When I shifted to the property, I couldn't do all that before shifting. It was not possible for some reason. I cleaned the sink and a tea

cup with dish washer and recited 'Kalma' while cleaning and washing it with water. My question is do things get 'paak' by doing what I did? I haven't been able to buy new things for my use yet. Please let me know if my course of action was right. If not, what is the proper way to make things 'paak'?

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