Syed Women Marrying A Non-Syed

I want to ask, whether it is prohibited in Islam for a Sayed Girl to get married with a Non-Sayed Male.I also want to know the stance of Shi’i scholars on the same topic

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Status Of Magic And Meaning Of The Expression “What Your Right Hands Possess”

I know prostitution is a sin but can you please tell me then what does it mean by "Whom your right hand possess?"

Secondly, what is wedlock? It’s an understanding or a contract between a male and female.
My previous question was:
Is magic possible? If yes then how to get out of it?
With my humble understanding of Qur’an, it is not possible to do magic. But history (Hadith) tells you that it is possible. So should I follow history or Qur’an?
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Parental Approval For Marrying A Convert

One female accpeted islam by seeking certain religious knowledge from me. After few years we planned to marry each other. Her non-Muslim parents are opposing. My parents are too much opposing. This marriage is the only scope for her to live as a Muslim and both of us wish to live together in the path of Allah. After knowing a female for six years, if my parents are not allowing to marry a converted Muslim, who will marry. Please provide your answer in the light of Islam. I want to make my parents comprehend. Is it sinful to disobey parents in this issue? If my parents object what can I do. Already we have postponed our marriage due to these issues for two years. More than a year or two we can’t wait also. If my parents accept and her parents rejet what can be done, within the light of Islam. Please provide your answer in the light provided by the Prophet (sws).

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Repeating The Nikah

My husband and I entered into marriage contact a few years ago in the presence of my parents. We kept it secret from my in-laws for they were against our marriage. Now they have agreed. Can we contract a new nikah in their presence? I also fear that if they found out the truth they will disown us, and probably not accept me.

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