Iddah For A Pregnant Widow

If an established pregnant women becomes widow, must she observe Iddat of 4 months and 10 days (or whatever it is) before marrying someone else? Her pregnancy is established beyond any doubt visibly, medically (X-rays, Ultra sound, MRI etc.). There will be no doubt that the child she will bear will be from her previous husband. The new husband knows it and is willingly to marry her. Must the widow complete her Iddat period before marrying this man?

Please do not treat the query just perfunctorily. I have given this problem lots and lots of thought. You must also think and ponder over the reasons for ordaining Iddat period, and if the reason is to establish the lineage of the child to come, then in this case it is already established. Hypothetically, the circumstances of the widow are such that there is no one to support her. She doesn't have a home to live in. No money to eat or buy medicine or sustain her. She needs immediate support and help. If she waits for 4 months and 10 days, she will die or the child inside the womb will perish, etc. etc. (Please do not quote, "everything is halal if it can save your life. That doesn't apply here in this case)

In another situation, suppose after 4 months and 10 days it becomes obvious that she is pregnant. Can she marry now immediately after completion of the Iddat period?

And my last question is. Why Iddat was not observed by early Companions? I do not want to go in to details, Khalid bin Walid marrying Laila Malik is one such case in question?

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Rituals For The Widow

Could you give some direction as to the Islamic ritual on a woman after the death of her husband?

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