Divine Wisdom In Human Test And Trial

My question is why Allah created test for human beings? Why Jins and Adams have to go through test unlike angels? We believe that all angels are innocent and they enjoy Allah's bounty till Day of Judgement and after He will raise everything alive on that day the angels will have no fear of punishment so why this law doesn’t apply to jins and human being? I mean mean I know that He doesn’t guidance to everyone by force which was easy for Him but why all that?

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Unanswered Prayers

Many of our prayers are not answered in this world. It may be due to wisdom of God almighty but is it a satisfactory answer? Tassawauf have kashaf and karamat which are visible and are experienced through our senses so that can give us some faith and satisfaction. But can any intellectual debate regarding our unanswered prayers satisfy us?

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How To Defend The Faith

If someone insults islam to my face must I defend Islam? Or may I walk away knowing in my mind and heart and soul he is wrong and I do not wish to guide him as he has not felt Allah in is heart and I wish not to start contriversy.

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Nature Of Human Test And Trial In This World

There is my personal view which I haven’t discussed with any scholar yet. So it is all my personal feeling. I just want your comment if what I feel could be correct or this is against Quran and Sunanh.

My feeling sometimes (after looking into all the difficulties that humans have to pass through in this world) is that it could be possible that Allah is not, let's say, instructing directly for all these sufferings to happen. Rather it is Allah's own designed system that everything or I should say every amal (action) is coming out as reaction of another action preceding it.

This system/program of the world was initiated by Allah by saying KUN (Be). And then after that He in a way left the world by itself. And as in the case of nuclear reaction you just have to break the nucleus of one atom and energy by itself breaks the nucleus of neighboring atoms which then breaks 4 more and the never ending reaction goes on. So probably similarly Allah has broken that 1st atom of this universe system by saying KUN and the ever expanding universe came into existence which was based on the rule that for every action there is a reaction. The reaction to be good or bad is dependent upon the action which has taken place. Now after setting this rule Allah left the universe by itself to run and placed his creations into it like humans, jins or any other kind of life. Allah is just observing from the above how these creations by themselves acts or reacts to this system designed by Allah and one day he would decide to stop the system and then again he would interfere personally and instruct to blow the SUR for Qiyamat to occur . And in between (for saying Kun to the time for instruction of SUR) he really would not be interfering directly into the worldly matters.

Now considering humans only, He has given an instinct to humans to decide by themselves to what is morally right as an action and what is morally wrong as an action. And probably because of this instinct, the intellect and the brain and lots of added feature which probably other creations didn’t have He graded humans as one of the greatest creation and surely the best creation in this world. Now Allah wanted to see how this creations will try to exist in this world. How He ensures that his own existence is not harmful for other humans? If such a human exists who lives his life without causing any significant harm to other fellow humans by his own decision and by his own will, he himself decides that I will not make any action which will be harmful for others. And for this he might need to sacrifice many opportunities in his life. If such a person exists who is so good by himself then of course without doubt he deserves a gift of Jannat and if he does not care for other then of course he deserves nothing but Hell fire.

This would have been the case regardless of the institution of prophethood and divine books. But because even though human is the best creation of all and even though he had power to decide what is right what is wrong he is still not an ideal perfect creation and suffers limitations. Human cannot in any way decide always and every time in every aspect that what is the correct direction. Considering this limitation Allah who loves humans and is merciful decided to interfere into the world but with intention only to guide humans where their limitations does not allow them to take correct decisions. He decided to interfere through those of the creations who by themselves were morally perfect. I mean it was not in a way pre-decided that He would make Jesus or Moses or Mohammad (sws) His messenger. They themselves were so good a moral and religious idea as a human beings and they were so pure of their hearts by themselves that Allah selected them. He decided that His interference in this world would be implemented and communicated to others by these perfect humans. And it was only the time period of these and other Prophets and Messengers that Allah interfered to help and guide human creatures to the right path. It was not right because Allah had said it was but path was already right by itself. Allah just interfered to guide us and inform us that look this is what is actually the right path I am telling you because I am very merciful to you.

I am not a good writer. I hope I am able to communicate my point of view correctly. I would appreciate if you share your view on the question if this view is compatible with the teachings of Islam. I hope you understand that I am not denying Allah's power. What I feel is that Allah by His own will is not interfering now specially after Muhammad (sws). Surely He has the power to do so and everything He likes.

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قوت عقل کا غلبہ

میں دو سوال عرض کرنا چاہتا ہوں۔ ایک یہ کہ یہ کس طرح ممکن ہے کہ میرے جسم کی تمام قوتوں پر عقل کی قوت غالب ہو؟ دوسرا یہ کہ میں چاہتا ہوں کہ میری زبان اور میرے عمل سے حکمت و دانائی جاری ہو، یہ کس طرح ممکن ہے؟ برائے مہربانی وضاحت فرمائیے۔


مومن کی سادگی اور فراست

احادیث میں ہے:

المؤمن غر کریم.

لا یلدغ المؤمن من جحر واحد مرتین.

اتقوا فراسة المؤمن فإنہ یری بنور ربہ.

بظاہر ان روایات میں تناقض ہے۔ ان روایتوں کوکس طرح جمع کریں گے؟


Can God create a rock He cannot lift?

1)Being a Muslim ,it Is our faith that God has all abilities to do any

thing ,so is it possible for God to create so heavy rock that he can not
lift himself.?
2) please explain about this type of questions?


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