Our View On Witr Prayer

I totally disagree with your point of view on witr prayer and I respectfully submit my reservations over it. Indeed it was the first opinion about Witr I ever heard from anybody else. It raises many questions in my mind regarding it and have totally surprised me. I am astonished with your views about the Witr, my queries are as follows:

1. Tahajjud is not a Farz prayer, and there is no compulsion over its offering. We will not be questioned if we skip it, then why you are attaching the farz content with the Non-Farz ṣalāh. Don’t we offer witr if we are in travel?

2. If Witr is part of tahajud then why in Ramadan we offer it after Tarawi?

3. If Witr is part of tahajud then why in all Islamic countries like KSA, Indonesia, Malaysia, it is offered after Isha Prayer?

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Dua Qunoot

What is the origin of Dua-e-Qanoot that is normally said in witr prayer in Pakistan?

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Witr Prayer

I have three questions.

1. What is the significance of witr prayer? Is it compulsory part of Isha prayer? Why is it included in Isha prayer only?

2. I believe that all revealed books prior to Quran were complete in all aspects. In other words, they were like the Holy Quran. But when I come to know that in those scriptures, there were signs of the arrival of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in near future, I doubt their being complete books. I confuse myself that did not Allah Almighty give the complete message to those Messengers which might have needed further amendment by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) or did not Allah Almighty love those people the same as we enjoy, that He granted them an incomplete book? Were those Messengers not capable enough of spreading divine message as compared to Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)? What basically you think would be the need to mention the signs?

3. I want to explore Islam myself through the Holy Quran and the Sunnah but the tremendous amount of stuff around terrorizes me. I do not know whether to read Arabic only or translation or both, read Quran with simple translation or with Tafsīr, select tafsīr of Syed Abul A‘la Maududi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi or any other scholar, read Quran alone or with Ahādiths and, how to select Ahadiths and believe their authenticity. Along with these I would like to know from where to start as I will have to start from scratch, how to proceed and what duration will be sufficient in a day or week?

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Why Is The Witr Prayer Included In Isha?

If the witr is tahujjud prayer, as you hold, then why do we offer it with isha and can you please tell me the method of offering it? Is it three raka’at with dua-i qunoot in the third raka’ah? If one misses isha prayer for some reason then does he have to make qaza (delayer performance) of witr like we do for obligatory prayer?

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Witr And Sunnah Prayer

What is witr and what is the correct manner to perform it? Is it wajib or not? How is it performed? I also want to share that if tell people that sunnah is nafl they will stop performing the sunnah salat. I know somebody who after reading all the explanation from your website stopped offering the sunnah and the witr.

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وتر کی قضا

نمازِ وتر اگر چھوٹ جائے تو کیا اس کی قضا پڑھی جائے گی؟