Why Is The Witr Prayer Included In Isha?

If the witr is tahujjud prayer, as you hold, then why do we offer it with isha and can you please tell me the method of offering it? Is it three raka’at with dua-i qunoot in the third raka’ah? If one misses isha prayer for some reason then does he have to make qaza (delayer performance) of witr like we do for obligatory prayer?

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Witr And Sunnah Prayer

What is witr and what is the correct manner to perform it? Is it wajib or not? How is it performed? I also want to share that if tell people that sunnah is nafl they will stop performing the sunnah salat. I know somebody who after reading all the explanation from your website stopped offering the sunnah and the witr.

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Difference In Form Of The Prayer

I want to know the proper way of offering the salah. There are madhaibs which have their own ways of praying like doing rafa yadain (raising hands to earlobes in different rites of the salah), offering witr etc. There are a lot of different opinions. And there is even contradiction between them. Sir I want to know what is the correct way of prayer, doing rafa yadain or not according to the hadith.

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Questions About Witr

I would like to ask you some questions that have been in my mind for a while and I am very confused about them. Regarding Isha Prayer, I have heard that there are 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr and 2 Nafl. In other daily Prayers offering the fard is enough. However, in Isha Prayer offering just fard is not enough. For it is obligatory to offer 3 Witr. Without offering the Witr, Salah is not complete. I have also heard that Witr is part of Tahajjud and different sects decided together a long time ago to include it into Isha. This means if I don’t offer Witr, still my Isha is complete with just Fard. Is this true? As for Tahajjud, I have heard that it was obligatory for the Prophet (sws) only. It is not obligatory for the Ummah. Is this also true? I only offer Fard and try my best to offer it with the deepest honesty of my heart. Should I offer the Sunnah as well? I have recently started regularly offering Salah and try to perform all 5 obligatory Prayers to the best of my ability. However, I do miss Zuhr because of my comittment to work and unavailibility of suitable enviornemt. I offer Zuhr when I get home in the evening and perform this Prayer as Qada. Is my Prayer valid?

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وتر کی قضا

نمازِ وتر اگر چھوٹ جائے تو کیا اس کی قضا پڑھی جائے گی؟