Did Abraham [pbuh] Worship The Heavenly Bodies?

Why did Abraham worship the moon, sun, and stars and yet not get labelled as a polytheist when if someone did that today, they would be committing shirk?

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Treatment Of Satan Worshipers

There are some worshipers of evil. If we meet someone like those people, how should we treat them? Should we treat them like we treat followers of other religions like for example Christians, Hindus etc.) or some other way? Can we be their friends?

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Interpretation Of A Narrative

I have heard a narrative from a religious scholar. The wording of the ḥadīth is as follows:

خمس من العبادة: النظر إلى الكعبة، والنظر إلى المصحف، والنظر إلى الوالدين،...والنظر إلى وجه العالم. (رواه دارقطنى)

Five major worships are: looking towards the Ka'bah, looking at the Holy Scriptures, looking at your parents……………..looking at the face of a religious scholar. (Dār Quṭnī)

1.What is the status of Dār Quṭnī in ḥadīth literature?

2.What is the status of this ḥadīth?

3.Please provide full details about this ḥadīth.

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Religious Rights Of Hindu In Muslim Countries

A Hindu asked me a question about religious rights of Hindus living in the Muslim Countries. He was asking me that why Hindus are not allowed to worship in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries? He even said in anger that Muslims have no right to stop non-Muslims from praying in Muslim countries. Can you please give an elaborate answer to this question and throw some light on it?

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True Belief And Practice

How do I become closer to Allah? What is the nicest deed in the eyes of Allah? How do I show my love to Allah? What does Allah want us to do? What I mean to ask is; what is our true calling as per Allah? It is said we should always thank Allah, can you tell me how? Thank you for answering my queries.

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Regarding Shab-e Bara’at

What is real condition of parrying on the fifteenth night of Sha’ban commonly known as shab-e bara’at? Are their authentic ahadith which establish the practice?

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عبادت ميں لگاؤ اور عمر

کیا وجہ ہے کہ نوجوانی میں تو عبادت ميں بڑا دل لگتا تھا مگر اب نہیں لگتا ہے؟


مسلمان کا کھانا، پینا، سونا اور جاگنا

کیا ایک مسلمان کا کھانا، پینا، سونا اور جاگنا سب عبادت ہے؟ قرآن اور حدیث اس بارے میں کیا کہتے ہیں؟