Zakah on Stocks

Please elaborate whether stock are zakatable? If yes, please tell the percentage to be applied if they are kept for capital appreciation? What would be the share value to be used for calculation i.e. cost or market value?

I have had shares for five years and never paid zakat on them, should I go back in time to calculate the cumulative amount to be paid on the same principle advised in responses to the questions above? If yes, what is the percentage to be applied?

Is a rental property zakatable? What value should be applied if there is no income left after paying the mandatory mortgage interest and other running expenses? Your guidance will be much appreciated. 

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Obligation To Pay Zakah

I have to ask that if I engage myself in a business, that I sell a piece of land and I get my money (gain or profit) in not more than three months, does it make it necessary for me to pay Zakat out of the gain? What I mean to say is that, has giving Zakat been made requisite upon me or is it only compulsory if a year has passed

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Zakah On Investment

I wanted to learn what is your view on application of zakah on money invested in stock shares? Do we need to pay zakah on the dividend alone or on the original investment, which cannot be divested at any point of time or both? In addition to this, we also posed a question that if Zakat is not applicable on the original investment, then whether Zakat is payable on monthly income which is received after deduction of 10% income tax, irrespective of the statutory exemption of income from income tax?

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Paying Zakāh To A Deserving Brother

Four brothers are living in a rented house along with their parents. Two elder brothers contribute for running the house. One of them pays the rent and other pays for groceries and bills. The rent paying brother has a good job and pays regular rent of a joint house, other expenses of his wife and children and medical care of parents but the other one is not a man of means and always struggles to make both ends meet and buys groceries on loans from the shop keeper to fulfill his obligations in the combined family. This poor brother is now under debt to fulfill his responsibilities in the house for the past few months. Q.1. Now can the first brother pay-off the debt of his brother(s) to the grocery shop and utility bills from ZAKAT as he is already paying and helping his family more than other family members and also in a ZAKAT paying position?

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Restriction On Wearing Gold And Platinum For Men


I have a question about whether the restriction on wearing gold (for men) applies to platinum as well. Is zakah applicable on platinum? And what is the reason for forbidding men to wear gold?

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Are The Mentally Handicapped Liable To Pay Zakah?

Do mentally handicapped people need to give zakah?

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Limits Of Infaaq

My father wants to donate 1/3 of his total property except home as Infaaq (Spending in the way of the Almighty). The idea in his mind is to support a set up or institute like AL-MAWRAD working for the right understanding of ISLAM. My father's query is 'can he does so?'

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Zakah To Relatives

I have learnt your stance as regards disbursement of due Zakah. One thing I would like to clarify that in case a married person is living independently with his/ her family ( spouse & children), then is it justified to disburse the due zakah to needy near relatives even to the extent of real brothers etc?

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Tax And Zakah

On top of the zakat on all our assets, the government imposes tax on the same. What is your view on this - which one is deductable in legal terms?

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Paying Zakah In Advance

Is it possible to give Zakat in advance? For example, if someone's Zakat is Rs. 20,000 for this year, and they need to pay extra (for example, in order to help someone), and next year, just pay the balance, is that permissible? Or is the extra counted as non- Zakat charity and the next year, they have to start afresh.

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Zakah And Debt

Do I have to pay zakah if I am in a lot of debt? If yes, what will be the percentage, keeping in mind 20% that I already pay to the government.

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Disclosing Nature Of Charity

Is it necessary to tell a person that I am giving you this money as a charity from my sadaqa fund?

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How To Calculate Zakat On Salary

I would like to know the principal of calculating Zakat on salary. I understand Mr Ghamidi is alone in his understanding that 10% of salary is to be given away in Zakah. Am I correct or any any other scholar/s support/s this? If we say that salary only involves services and no capital, but at the same time we have already spent capital to get good education to get the job and to learn the skills. What about this capital? I am an IT professional. I have to advance my skills all the time through learning new technology. Many time I am paying to acquire advanced skills. What do you say about this? How to calculate Zakat: If i have to pay 10% Zakat, how I will calculate the Zakat? How to calculate NISAB on salary? For example if I am taking salary 10000 Dhs. Basic = 4000 House Rent = 5000 Traveling = 1000. How I will calculate it? If 10% then its mean I have to give 1000 Dhs from 10,000 Dhs. My Question is if i am living with my family my minimum expenditure will be as follow: House rent = 5000 Dhs Grocery = 2500 Dhs Schooling = 1500 Dhs Traveling = 1000 Dhs. I still need some money around 1000 Dhs to accommodating bills and for that either I will be taking loan or cutting my expanses from above. How I will be able to manage 1000 Dhs for Zakat in this case. Even beside this I have family (My father, Mother, and younger sister) to send some money for their monthly expanses. Just I want to know how will apply 10% rule here, because 10,000 Dhs mean 2,30,000 PAK Rs. I think this amount is enough to declare me Sahib-e-Nisaab. Please clarify.

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Exemptions On Zakah

I have following questions on Zakah in context of Mr. Ghamidi's view that 10% of salary is deductible.

1. I learned that 653 Kg of dates or equivalent amount of salary is exempted. But price of dates is highly varying from type to type. So what is your opinion on determining a fair equivalence?
2. What if there is nothing left from monthly expenses even after applying this exemption? Not so long ago, I used to be in a government service though respectable but barely met ends in these expensive times.

3. Is the amount accumulated besides this 10% monthly deduction, also subject to annual 2.5% Zakah?

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Zakah On Rent And Salary

I have purchased a piece of land through "Qarz-e-Hasna". That piece of land is rented out for commercial use. I am getting yearly rent of that land and am yet paying back "Qarz-e-Hasna". Shall I be liable to pay the Zakat on the yearly rent that I receive?

Secondly, as a salary person, though I get a handsome salary, but at the end of each month it is consumed and untimately at the end of every year I dont find any amout lying in my account. In this case, (as I am a good salaried person) shall I again pay some amount on account of zakat?
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Zakah On Lent Amount

Does a believer have to pay Zakah on lent money? If I have given somebody a loan to repay me after three years, does that money have to be accounted for Zakah after an yea? What amount is zakahable (nisaab) in USD?

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Taxes And Zakah

There are lots of people who do not want to pay full tax on their salary. They show their official salary so low that they have to pay minimum taxes Alhamdulillah many in Pakistan and almost everyone in my small company is paying zakat. What I wanted to ask whether paying taxes is as important as paying zakat. Is it one and the same thing? I mean if by zakat formula our zakat payable is Rs 1000 and taxes payable is Rs 1500. Then when we have paid Rs 1500 in taxes do we need to pay the zakah separately?

We have to pay the taxes to the government no matter how corrupt we can claim it to be. But still it needs that amount to run its affairs. And we can see as today petrol prices have been increased by 6 Rs. This is disastrous to a nation. But at their part what can they do. They have to pay for which they need to collect and if we do not pay then they have to charge from us indirectly like this. So isn’t this better to adjust tax from zakat. Instead of saying that because I pay full zakat so I can pay 0% tax. My idea is that by doing so I am only putting my fellow countrymen in trouble. I agree that most of the money would be spent on government luxury but still that is their act. They have to be answerable to this not us. I shall be really thankful for your comments in this

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Imposing Taxes Other Than Zakah

Does not the verse 9:5 entail that the government cannot introduce and impose any taxes other than the zakah? The verse reads: If they have repented by establishing the Prayer and paying the Zakah leave their way.

This verse defines the limits of law making by any act of parliament as well. Any parliament cannot change the basics of law and order and cannot change the basics of charity and at the same time, cannot change the “get out of the way” instruction and keep getting into the way of the people with different agenda.

This follows that parliament cannot form any welfare financial institution. For that it will need money and as parliament cannot change the basics of charity or raise money for any other agenda, so it will become practically impossible for parliament to do anything for the welfare of underprivileged.
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Zakah On Agricultural Land

We have some agricultural land leased out to someone for cultivation, and every year they pay us a fixed amount for it. In this case, how will the 10% zakah on the production from this land get calculated and who will be responsible for it? Will the 10% zakah be paid on this twice (once on the produce, and then on the money we get)?

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Obligation To Pay The Zakah On The Behalf Of One’s Wife

I was married on 31/12/2001 and I presume a complete calendar year as my zakat year. Before marriage I was not eligible for zakat. I have only gold on which I am paying zakat since last 8 years with a self developed understanding that whatever is with me or with my wife is mine; I am owner and I am supposed to pay zakat from my income. I & my wife have no issues in ownership of gold belongings and I always paid in excess of what is required to pay. I never asked my wife that I am paying zakat on her behalf or vice versa but she knows that I am paying zakat on gold which is definitely in her care. Recently someone brought in our knowledge that my wife is the actual owner of gold and whatever I paid without asking my wife is simply a sadqa and still my wife has to pay zakat on gold for last 8 years. I need your guidance for now and for future. (Continuation of above details) I purchased a flat as personal residence by taking loan in 2008. Now if gold is my wealth then I am not eligible for zakat due to loan that offset my wealth but if it is my wife’s property then I am supposed to pay Zakat. Advise me on this matter also. (Continuation of above details) My father/mother encouraged me to go for the purchase of home as they wanted to spend last few years of their life in their own house although they advised me to purchase this in my name to avoid future complications. I gathered all the money with me, from office loan, with my mother and with my father while I was very much clear that I will refund whatever contributed by my father and mother after paying home loan from my office. My parents presumed that money contributed by them is in my care and they are not supposed to pay zakat on it. On the other side I am not liable for zakat due to the loan that is payable to my office. I need your clear guidance that who is responsible for the payment of zakat on contribution of my parents.

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