Can I consider my regular charity as Zakah?

Assalaamu alaikum sir, 

My question is that I do some charity every month, can I include this amount as a Zakat at the end of the year? For example, if I do charity of 50,000 in a year and my Zakat is also 50,000, so does that mean I have already paid my Zakat?

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Zakat on rent or value?

Dear Sir,

In order to supplement my pension I recently invested in two commercial properties to rent. One of these will be transferred in my name in a few days time and its rent will start coming from Jun/Jul'18.For the second property I am scheduled to make final payment in Jul'18 and will be
transferred in my name on final payment. The rent will not come in before Jan/Feb next year. So far I have only made partial payment for it. I calculate my Zakat on 1st of Ramazan every year. As this date is just around the corner I would like to know what is my obligation for payment of Zakat in the above circumstances, particularly : 

- Is Zakat payable on the amount paid for purchase of these properties?

- Is Zakat payable on the rent too which I hope to get in the Jun/Jul?

- Subsequently, will Zakat be payable both on rental income and the value of properties(actual payment made and/or value of properties at that time)?


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