Was Khidr an angel or a man?


Ghamdi sb has mentioned while doing tafseer of ayat # 65 of surah # 18 that Hazrat Khizar was an agnel of Almighty Allah. however it is clearly mentioned in ayat that he is a person...how can Ghamdi sb pronounce him as an angel.....i mean is there any logical reason...?

Jzak Allah Khair


wa alaikumussalaam

Thank you for your question. First of all please note that the Aayah does not say that he was not an angel. It simply refers to him as a servant of the Almighty. Even Angels are servants of Allah. Mr. Ghamidi leans towards the view that this was perhaps an angel in the form of a human. Angels we know are entrusted by the Almighty to enforce His directives in accordance with His…

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