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I have been separated for ten months before getting khul'ah. What is the duration of my iddah? Secondly I am a working woman what should be my life style?


Khul'ah is nothing but a request from the wife and a demand from her to be divorced. Now it is the man who decides whether he issues one divorce (which is the way one should adopt) two divorces or three divorces. If it was simply a single divorce then the divorce can be revoked. If two again it can be revoked. If three then it cannot be revoked. Keeping this in consideration we can say that if it were three divorces and therefore irrevocable then you are not obliged to pass the iddah. If the number of talaqs were either one or two then you have to observe the iddah as the husband can revoke the divorce. In this case you are not obliged to observe iddah if in reality as well as in the eyes of the world you have been apart and never met. This is a social issue as well and can cause confusion and damage your repute if you are believed (even if not actually) to be in contact.

As for the iddah a divorce lady is not obliged to stay at home. You can therefore continue your work and public dealing as always.

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