Age Of Hazrat Ayisha (rta) At The Time Of Marriage And Da’wah


How to answer non-Muslims about marriage of Prophet (sws) with Hazrat Aisha ? Is rajam (stoning) an Islamic punishment justified in this modern era? What should be the attitude of Muslims towards homosexuals in this western society, where they are accepted by law and community?


For our view on the age of Hazrat Aaeshah (rta) at the time of her marriage please refer to:

And our view on the question of rajam can be studied at:

We can adopt different approach to different persons. Out approach however should be guided and ruled by the principle of wise da'wah. We may not avoid and boycott such persons. Considering the motivations and attractions to such acts we should try to communicate our view to them if possible with love and concern and not hate and respite. If one such person is related to us we should determine if it would be possible to take the issue and discuss it with him and let him understand that his acts are not in harmony with dictates of fitrah. But we should never forget that we must proceed in a way that is positive and is more likely to produce positive results. We must always pray for those who believe are trapped in sinfulness.

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