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Our belief in Allah's help seems to have stopped us from doing our utmost effort and may be one of the reasons in not having high achievers among Muslims in almost all fields of life since long.

What is meant by Allah's help, when does it arrive, in what situations (e.g. exams, games, projects, international matters etc.)?

Is it a) only for the factors beyond our control/imagination; b) only for the factors that we can anticipate/think of; or c) both situations?

Is it for a) pious Muslims b) all Muslims c) everybody?

Should we embark on risky businesses/adventures on the basis of Allah's help?

Clear concept of this will bring about change in behavior of Muslims.


Muslims believe that nothing happens without the will of God. They believe that God has the power to do anything. He helps us if we have full trust in him. This help from God is available to all in all cases we can possibly think of. Obviously a pious Muslim deserves the help of God more than the ones who are not that pious. However, it does not mean that God will not help those who are not ideally pious. According to the Holy Qur'an this world is a place of trial and test. We are tested and tried through the circumstances we have been put through. Sometimes God tests us with making us extremely needy and sometimes bestowing us with great worldly riches. A pious person may find himself in unending trial while a sinful person may continually be showered with worldly riches. The blessings and trials of this world have nothing to do with one's piety.

To suspend all faculties of sense and reason and blindly jump into uncertain enterprises and plans is not a right course of action. Depending on Allah and trusting Him does not mean that we suspend sense and reason and strike our heads against walls. It is only commendable that we do our parts of efforts and analyze things before taking any action and then leave the result on the will of God. God does not help those who sit idle and blames the fates on their failure. Only those who put all their efforts in worthy causes deserve the help of God. God loves those who fulfill their duties and seek his help on the outcome.

It is utter ignorance of the true Islamic stance on the issue to embark on any plan of action without analyzing the possible outcome based on the resources and work put. The first and foremost blessing of God is the sense and reason suspending which is ingratitude. Therefore, a Muslim should trust God always but never leave fulfilling his part first.

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