Angels’ Concern Regarding The Human Beings


When Allāh decided to create Adam, how were angels able to tell that humans will commit "fasād fī al-arḍ". Moreover Satan asked for respite till Day of Judgment. How was he able to know about that there would be a Day of Judgment?


Being a reasoning creature the angels inferred that a creature with the power of freedom of choice was definite to indulge in these activities. They drew that the use of power is not that simple. It could betray man from the right path. It doesn't necessarily lead to the conclusion that the angels possess the knowledge of the hidden.

As regards the questions of Satan's knowledge about the Last Day, the Holy Qur'an tells that He was from among Jinn have also been put through trial of this worldly life and will be rewarded on the Last Day. They have been given necessary knowledge in this regard. Moreover Satan was a pious jinn who enjoyed the company of angels that were near to God. The fact that the question of creation of Adam and his progeny was discussed in the company of angels attended by Satan proves his status among the Jinn and the angels. It is obvious that being a mukallaf (accountable) creation he was granted the knowledge of the divine scheme regarding the jinn and by analogy the fate of humans, and being part of the group of angels who attended the court of the Almighty he might have known the whole scheme regarding the creation of Adam and the divine plan regarding his race.


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