Baiat (allegiance) In Islam And Hajj Of Behalf Of Others


I wanted to know the concept of Bait in Islam and after the Holy Prophet can Muslims take bait at anyone's hand.

Secondly is it right to send someone for Hajj? As far as my understanding , it is the only pillar of Islam which is Farz only on people who afford it, for example suppose we send a person for Hajj and he already owes a lot of money, then where does he stand?


As for the concept of Bay'ah, please read this answer given by one of our associated websites:

As for your question on Hajj, one needs to go to Hajj when he is capable of it (not only from financial perspective but also from physical and other relevant perspectives). From financial perspective, it does not matter whether he has made himself capable of it or if some one else has made him financially capable by paying him the money.

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