Bank Job Involving Credit Cards And Balance Transfer


I work for a bank and deal with credit card balance transfers. I offer customers of other banks to transfer their balance on other credit cards over to the cards of my bank by offering them lower interest rate. What is Islamic verdict on my nature of job?


It is not allowable to devour interest or work for someone devouring interest. However, there are different kinds of jobs in the bank. If you are involved in policy making and you actively promote the cause then your participation is more risky religiously. If however, you are just doing an assigned job your participation may incur less harm. There are jobs which do not even involve any such transactions and one is assigned only for example receipts and withdrawals. You may consider switching the job if you think you are directly involved in luring others into paying interest but you are not require to hastily leave the job and find yourself in financial difficulties. God knows the true status of one's heart and how one is involved in a sin or is forced by the circumstances to do a job that apparently amounts to cooperation in a sinful activity.

May God help us tread the path of his liking.

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