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I have been married for two years and my husband and I are either really good or really bad. We got married and moved to Brazil. It has been a little more than five months since I left my husband. I am back home with my family because I could not take it anymore. Since our arrival here in Brazil, the fights have become more frequent over minor issues. My husband always insults me and my family. That is why I left the first place. I felt like he puts me down. He acts like he is better and smarter than me. I married him because I thought he was a good person. He used to pray and always talked about religion. He hits me thinking he is teaching manners to me. I think he wants to raise me the way he wants. He prefers his family members over me. I can never have an opinion. I do not know what to do. It is just getting worse. Please help me.


This is a website to provide answers to religious questions. Your question is not really a religious. Also it is very difficult to provide any sound advice when only a part of the whole story is known.

All I can do is to provide you with general advice and to leave it to you to decide what part of it (if any) applies in your situation and how:

Husband and wife are not supposed to be rivals who would spend their life arguing with each other. They are supposed to be like a spirit in two bodies and complementary to each other so that they can support each other in reaching the goals of their life.

If there seems to be serious problem in the relationship then you first need to raise this with your husband and demand from him to work with you in solving the problem. If this is not possible then you need to get help from others. This can be any one who could help the two of you to bring your relationship back to normal.

Ultimately, if you find that the relationship does not work at all and that you cannot and do not want to tolerate what you consider to be injustice then you can ask an appropriate legal source to proceed with divorce.

I again emphasise that the above is simply a general advice and some or the whole of it might not be applicable to your situation. You need to realistically assess your situation yourself and if you need further help best is to get that help from the close ones or experts who could sit down and discuss with you.

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