Birth Of Jesus


The majority of Muslims believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus which I and some other people reject because I believe he had a human father. What is your opinion regarding this matter?


Since I believe in the divine scriptures and information mentioned there in, I need to believe in the very nature of miraculous birth of the Prophet Jesus Christ. The Holy Qur'ān states that the birth of Jesus Christ was identical to the birth of Adam since both were born without father. This shows that the Almighty could do whatever he wills. I would not be difficult for him to raise the dead on the Day of Judgment. Thus any one who believes in the divine Scriptures has no choice but to accept that the Almighty created Jesus Christ in an unusual fashion. The Holy Qur'ān mentions the incident and claims that it is a great sign of the Hereafter (see for example: 19:21, 21:91, and 23:50)

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